about me, Leo.

Like so many of us, I live many roles in life, but I presently work in Chicago as a software developer for a renewable energy company. Before that, I worked at a Washington, D.C.-based news organization.

Beyond my day to day work, I am also an artistic street photographer, focused on capturing the ephemerality of life and happiness.

Leo leans back in a couch whilst inspecting a tablet computer.
Passengers on board a Chicago Transit Authority train in the winter.

the question: what does it mean to live?

one of the biggest mysterious of human existence is how so much and so little can happen in the exact same moment.

I seek to capture that critical tension of existence itself: to crystalize a fleeting moment of a single person's life amongst the busyness of people.

have you ever asked yourself who they are, where they're going, and how they got here?

A United States Postal Service plastic carrying tub is placed underneath a USPS blue box on the street.

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