Leo Ji

software engineer and news nerd

Secure methods of contact

I can be contacted via a variety of encrypted and/or private methods. Note that, while these methods provide a higher than standard level of data security, no system is 100% secure.


Signal is a free, end-to-end encrypted messaging app, which allows you to communicate securely. You can send messages, images and video. No metadata is retained by Signal. It can be downloaded from an app store. Signal can also be configured to delete messages automatically after a designated time interval.

My registered phone number on the Signal app is +1 (202) 909-1200.


If you use PGP encryption, you can contact me via PGP encrypted email. Note that most mail encryption plugins, such as Mailvelope or Enigmail, will encrypt your message contents but not the subject line or the name of the sender.

My PGP key ends in D94D 635D A839 BE2C. I’m also on keybase.io.